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My Response to Rebekah Stevens’ Harassment of My Family

I debated responding to Rebekah Stevens’ (aka Politix Fireball’s) recent posts, because it appears as though she has exactly one reader and one liker on her threads, but my sense of justice won out in the end.

The first and most important thing readers should know about Rebekah Stevens is that she posted photos of my daughters’ bedroom on her Twitter feed.

To be exact, Rebekah Stevens posted TWO photos of my daughters’ bedroom on Twitter.

I will not repost her uncensored tweets here because unlike Rebekah, I value their privacy, but you can peruse her Twitter feed and find them. If she deletes them, I have screenshots.

(I have blurred the photos of my daughters’ bedroom)

Why did Rebekah Stevens post photos of my daughters’ bedroom on Twitter, you might ask?

Why did Rebekah Stevens make an obvious threat toward my little girls by posting screenshots of their bedroom and revealing my home address via a Zillow listing?

Because I support the Republican candidate for mayor of Albuquerque.

Rebekah, previously disgraced for racist tweets and forced to resign after 36 hours on the job as Steve Pearce’s spokesperson, calls herself a Republican, writes angry screeds from her trailer in Silver City, and threatens the safety and privacy of little girls, because she supports Manny Gonzales, a DEMOCRAT for whom she can’t even vote, for mayor of Albuquerque.

My family chose to ignore her obvious threat (we will not be ignoring future threats to our family’s safety—proper authorities will be notified) because she didn’t seem important enough to respond to.

We figured she’d go away.

But Rebekah Stevens didn’t go away.

Not being satisfied with publishing photos of my daughters’ bedroom on Twitter, Rebekah also recently accused me and my husband of impropriety due to my work for the Eddy Aragon campaign.

Rebekah has stated that my husband’s online paper The Conservative New Mexican was created only to support Eddy Aragon’s campaign.

Anyone with two eyes and an internet connection can see that The Conservative New Mexican was started in May of 2021, three months before a word was written about Aragon or his candidacy.

It should come as no surprise that The Conservative New Mexican would endorse Eddy Aragon, the only Republican and conservative candidate in the Albuquerque mayoral race. Conservative is right in TCN’s name.

Next, Rebekah accused The Conservative New Mexican of being “completely silent” after she published her conspiracy theory on her blog.

She very well knows that my husband and I were selling our house and moved during that time because…that’s right, she published our home listing from Zillow and screenshots of our daughters’ bedroom on Twitter.

Rebekah has also stated that I lack the requisite “education” to work for a political campaign.

I hold a Bachelor of Arts in Social Science and a Master of Science in Family Studies.

Rebekah, according to her LinkedIn, has an Associate’s degree in :::squints::: Early Childhood Education and Family Support.

Apparently Rebekah supports families by posting pictures of little girls’ bedrooms online.

To Rebekah’s credit, she is currently working toward a Bachelors degree in Criminal Justice in 2022 from Western New Mexico University. Although, by her own metric, this makes her unqualified to work in politics because she doesn’t have the “education.”

See how this works?

Perhaps Rebekah’s criticism of me is really confession through projection. No need to be so insecure, Rebekah!

In all of her Googling of my family I’m surprised Rebekah didn’t find that I’ve been an artist for over 20 years. My art is sold all over the world, and I have done graphic design for my own marketing, for private companies, and for my husband’s websites for the better part of a decade. I’m self-taught, with no formal education, and therefore probably not qualified in Rebekah’s small world to earn $1,000 making graphics for a political campaign.

Rebekah has implied that what I’m doing is untoward. I can only conclude confession through projection once again. Perhaps Rebekah can be “bought” for $1,000 and therefore assumes others could be as well.

In the end, I bear Rebekah no ill will, I can only feel sorry for her.

My advice to her is to stop behaving like an obsessive Lib femcel and go find her dream wedding, if her Pinterest and Facebook posts are any indication of her desires.

Maybe when Rebekah has a husband and kids to occupy her time, she’ll be less bitter and nasty about her politics.

Maybe when Rebekah is a mother, she’ll understand why you don’t put pictures of little girls’ bedrooms on the internet.

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