The Conservative New Mexican was launched in May 2021 to fill a void of conservative media in New Mexico.

It is no longer a problem of Leftist views dominating mainstream media. If the last four years showed us anything, it’s that there are no longer two sides of the political aisle. There are Democrats, Socialists, Wokesters, Anarchists, Antifa, and Black Lives Matter on the one side, which the mass media unapologetically support, justify, and cover for, and then there are Republicans who trot alongside their alleged opponents as the goalposts are moved further and further left. 

The mass exodus of Republican voters from the GOP this year is a perfect example of how inaccurately information is framed. US News & World Report explained it in the headline: “Republicans Flee the GOP After Capitol Riots.”

The New York Times wrote that “Voting registration data indicates a stronger-than-usual flight from the G.O.P. since the Capitol riot.”

This isn’t accidental. Not everything in politics is a conspiracy, but there are no coincidences. The point of this type of messaging is shame, and the best way to move the needle on an issue — any issue — is by covert social pressure. Plant the seed in the mind of every Republican that their views are outdated, then spin “data” to claim that even their own party is dissolving as we know it. 

It is, and good riddance, but not for the reasons presented.

Despite the narrative, the data doesn’t indicate Republicans have fled to become Democrats, but to become unaffiliated. 

If you think voters left the GOP out of disdain for Conservative values rather than a disdain for the cowardice and spinelessness of RINOs, then you probably still believe America has a legitimate two-party system, in which case we welcome you to stick around. 

The mission of The Conservative New Mexican is to win the hearts and minds of voters and community members of all political persuasions, not through coercion or shame or bigoteering, but on the merits of the argument.

We will honestly and accurately describe the positions of opponents and fairly and logically dissect them. In instances where ideological opposites align with logical Conservative values, we will commend them. In instances where ideological allies conflict with logical Conservative values, we will disagree.

We will not always be respectful because respect is not always warranted.

We will not always be politically correct because political correctness is not always honest.

And we will not always be objective because objectivity does not prescribe a why to the what.

Science is the observation and study of what is. Philosophy is seeking to understand its purpose and attributing utility to reality. Political philosophy is applying reason to the affairs of the city.

Not all ideas, philosophies, and ideologies are equal. That is the flaw of objectivity. Not only does it fail to live up to its ideal of impartiality, but it is abused by ideologues who pretend to be unbiased.

Bias is not wrong. It is through the honest weighing of viewpoints that useful truth is found, and there is no better way to debate each side’s ideas than by hearing from the true believers. The problem is that mainstream media is partisan but pretends it is not, which makes media consumers believe that objective facts are being presented when much of the time the information provided is neither factual nor objective.

We seek only to be fair, because while violent partisanship has been normalized in American politics, it is a byproduct of genuine ideological differences that are exacerbated by misrepresenting the opposition.

There are enough opportunities for debate without having to lie. The Conservative New Mexican exists to read between the lies, present truly objective facts, and analyze not only what happened but why, how, and what it means to the future of our state and country.

Thank you for joining us.