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Poll Ranks Pete Buttigieg as Worst Secretary in US History

A recent poll taken by DogFacePonia concluded that Pete Buttigieg is the worst Secretary in US History.

This highly scientific poll was taken on Twitter and Gab. There is no doubt Mayor Pete is worthy of this distinction. We did get a challenge that it should have been Merrick Garland. Though he has totally ignored the Constitution, he seems intent on destroying America and weaponizing the FBI. However, he is the Attorney General which technically is not a secretary.

Let’s take a look at some of his top Secretary competition:

This is some stiff competition indeed. We had to drop Floyd, he may be worthy; he is not modern, and most don’t realize his treason.

We wondered how Pete could overcome such stiff competition. Well, the answer is utter neglect. Can you name another Secretary of Transportation off the top of your head? We can’t, because it is better to go unnoticed in the role. But Pete has failed more times than we can count, with being on LBTQrnity leave, supply chain crisis, the planes be stopped because of a glitch, and now literally train crashes everywhere. It’s amazing one man not named John Candy could manage to mess up planes, trains and automobiles. Steve Martin would be proud.

The best way to describe Pete’s impact might be to quote from the movie Planes, Trains and Automobiles: “How am I supposed to go with the flow when the rental car agency leaves me in a 100 acre parking lot with keys to a car that isn’t there then I have to hike back 3 miles to find out they don’t have any more cars?”

Congratulations to Pete, he deserves it. His Secretaryship can be best described as a train wreck.

Originally published at It’s Not Fake News, It’s Fairy Tale News

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