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Why I’m Not Voting For Audrey ‘True Hero’

For Audrey Trujillo, running for Secretary of State is the beauty pageant she always dreamed of entering. Her social media is a barrage of thirst trap Glamor Shots: heavy makeup, big jewelry, tight dresses, platform shoes–and an immediate “Thank you!” in response to every lonely pervert who comments on her looks.

There are legitimate reasons not to vote for her. The election fraud allegations, her gun give-away fundraising scandal that she blamed on her staff, the Jewish conspiracies, blaming hackers for poor taste posts on Twitter…

But politics isn’t about legitimate grievances. It’s a popularity contest, and Trujillo is on track to lose this contest by the same margin she lost the District 23 race in 2020: a landslide.

According to financial reports, she has been out-raised $82,000 to $583,000. One could argue that it’s because her opponent, incumbent Maggie Toulouse Oliver, is so corrupt that the corporate overlords are funneling dark money into her campaign to ensure the wheels of election fraud stay greased. A more reasonable explanation is that New Mexico is a solid blue state where Democrats outnumber Republicans by 180,000 voters.

But the actual reason she’s performing so poorly is because nobody wants a car selfie candidate who thinks the incumbent is tinkering with voting machines to keep New Mexico blue.

Maybe she needs to get out more, but with the exception of low-population rural counties, New Mexico is indeed blue. Just ask around. Or look at the vax data (since COVID is very much a Red-versus-Blue issue). Recent election results have been consistent with the polls, and polls have consistently shown what the registration data already tells us.

As the Rio Grande Foundation reported, Democrats have maintained majorities in the state House for 85 years, the Senate for 83 years, and the governor’s office for 61 years, with zero (0) Republican trifectas (where the GOP had control of all three).

You can point to big city ballot harvesting and Big Tech’s censorship of the Hunter Biden laptop as examples of genuine election “interference.” But to claim “fraud” is to believe Democrats have been stealing New Mexico elections for the better part of a century–long before Dominion became a household name. It means only Reagan and George W (once) were powerful enough to wrestle the levers of election manipulation from the Democrats and pull out a victory.

It’s ridiculous, and it’s one of the dumbest campaign strategies I have ever witnessed. Think about it. Your campaign message is that elections are fixed. If you lose, you can say “See! It’s rigged!” But what if you win?

And what’s your response when Yvette Herrell, as Conservative a Republican as they come, wins (again) in Congressional District 2?–that Toulouse Oliver just really hates the gays and doesn’t like people named Gabe?

If you believe ballot shenanigans are keeping the other party in power, and you know that to win you need to garner 75% of Independents to offset the other party’s 13-point registration advantage, why would you accuse half the state of being in a party that not only cheats, but commits federal felonies by rigging elections?

The conspiracies are idiotic. Branding herself a “True Hero” without military or law enforcement service was an overreach. But the Glamor Shots selfies are the final straw for me.

The Republican Party of New Mexico needs to get its act together. Scrap the bylaws, quit pretending you’re objective in the primaries, and send out a search party to find candidates who can win on merit. Candidates who are actual heroes. Candidates who understand that you can’t win over a majority Democrat populace by accusing them all of cheating.

We on the Right call out the Left for voting in anybody with a D next to their name. We have to be better than that. To change the political culture of this state, we need candidates who take the job seriously, understand where the majority stands, and have policy ideas that appeal to more than a fringe of the electorate.

Trujillo isn’t it.

Which is why I’m writing in Tom Selleck for New Mexico Secretary of State.

Republicans, if you want my vote, you have to earn it.

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