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Indigenous Peoples’ Day is a PSYOP

Today we celebrate the Indigenous Peoples of America for their sacrifice of allowing White Liberals to bask in the limelight of cultural shame for the great evils their more capable ancestors committed in conquering the continent where we all reside.

“We’re all sorry that we didn’t stop them 100s of years ago!”

A good PSYOP signals one goal while achieving another. In this case, the creation of a national holiday to pity certain brown people allows the powerful to both pat themselves on the back and avoid ceding control. The intention is to virtue signal shame, which costs nothing. The effect is psychological warfare: it is a reminder to the downtrodden that they still have a master cutting the checks, controlling the land, and wielding the power.

You know it’s a PSYOP from the double-pluralization and outside apostrophe, left like elitist calling cards to make sure you know that they know the proper way to pity the perpetually destitute.

Normal people call other people “people.” The word is already plural. It’s the over-educated snobs, bureaucrats, and childless middle-aged cat moms who insist on referring to particular groups of people as “peoples.”

“Hey my peoples’, hope you’re having a good day, which is your peoples’ day. 🙂 “

It is always as a diminutive, always referring to minorities, and always patronizing.

Nobody every says, “The alternatively-moneyed peoples of Martha’s Vineyard,” for example. Everybody knows what it means to be from Martha’s Vineyard. And everybody knows who you are when the powerful remind society that you are not to be called, simply, “people.”

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