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MLG Gets COVID After Hobnobbing in Aspen

Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham, who infamously chastised New Mexicans for “going out of state” and spreading COVID, has returned from political events this week in Aspen and Denver, CO, and reported today that she has tested positive for COVID.

In a press release from the governor’s office, “Lujan Grisham tested positive for COVID-19 on Thursday morning. Per state and CDC guidance and protocol, Gov. Lujan Grisham is currently isolating at the governor’s residence and will continue her official schedule remotely.”

As with every Democrat who gets COVID, Grisham is very grateful to be fully vaccinated and double-boosted. She is also reportedly taking Paxlovid, which has a tendency (see Joe Biden) of causing re-infections.

MLG took heat this week for missing a business forum with Republican challenger Mark Ronchetti. The governor’s office was mum on her whereabouts, referring inquiries to the campaign, which was equally tight lipped. Perhaps not anticipating the attention her absence would generate, MLG’s campaign eventually admitted that the governor was in Colorado.

The greater hypocrisy, though, is the state’s COVID statistics now compared to her July 2020 “I Can See You” speech chastising New Mexicans for spreading COVID across state lines.

Grisham accused New Mexicans of quite literally having blood on their hands, “You are being unfair to New Mexico’s economy,” she said, pointing into the camera. “Worse: You’re putting New Mexicans in the hospital, and some of them are losing their lives. Unacceptable.”

As of August 24, 2022, New Mexico is averaging 546 COVID cases per day and 7.4 deaths. When Grisham accused New Mexicans of killing people with COVID by traveling out of state, the average case count was 289, with 4.9 deaths per day.

“You’re not supposed to be going out of state. Why are you going out of state?…I can see you at the airports. I can see it on Facebook. Our modelers and folks who look at that aggregate data, we know about it and we can see it now showing up in contact tracing. You are taking that virus to other places, and you are bringing that virus back. You are being unfair to New Mexico’s economy. Worse: You’re putting New Mexicans in the hospital, and some of them are losing their lives. Unacceptable.”
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