2022 Governor's Race

Which GOP Gov. Candidate Leads the Out-of-State Donations Race? Results May Be Surprising

Mark Ronchetti leads the overall fundraising race in the New Mexico GOP gubernatorial primary, but voters may be surprised to learn that no candidate is majority-funded by the “dark money” “out-of-state” political influencers that so many think have a strangle-hold on New Mexico politics.

According to data from the Secretary of State’s office, Sandoval County Commissioner Jay Block has the largest percentage of campaign contributions from out-of-state donors.

Out of $290,000 raised, 21.5% of Block’s donations came from outside of New Mexico, followed by 17.2% of state representative Rebecca Dow’s $1.5 million and 17% of former weatherman Mark Ronchetti’s $2.8 million fundraising haul.

Financial advisor Greg Zanetti, who is third in overall fundraising on the GOP side, raised only 14.4% of his $643,000 in total fundraising from outside of New Mexico.

According to Secretary of State data, incumbent Democrat Michelle Lujan Grisham is the candidate most funded by out-of state donors, with nearly 40% of her $6.6 million in total fundraising coming from outside of New Mexico.

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