2022 Governor's Race

Block Conjures Trump, Roasts Ronchetti as ‘Complete Loser’ in CAT Lady Interview

WATCH on RUMBLE: Conscious Actions for Truth (CAT) 

In an interview with Conscious Actions for Truth (“CAT CHAT”), Republican gubernatorial candidate Jay Block went off about not being in the “cool club” of the state GOP and tore into frontrunner Mark Ronchetti for being a “loser” and “fraud.”

“His experience is telling us as a weatherman if we need to wear a sweater or not the next day. The guy is a total fraud. He’s got no experience. He’s just a complete loser. He’s lost before in 2020, statewide race.

“If he gets the nomination, which I hope he doesn’t, because if he does Michelle Lujan Grisham’s going to win a second term, because everyone knows that this guy is an empty suit. He doesn’t have an original thought in his head. He’s just not a good person by the way. He’s just a professional politician backed by the political elite.

“Some really nasty people, like that Jay McCleskey character and others, that are pushing for him. And the only person that’s going to win in this race is Jay McCleskey, and he’s going to get a lot of money.” 

— Jay Block

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