2022 Governor's Race

Michelle Lujan Grisham Wants Your Stimulus Check Back — For Her Campaign

New Mexico Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham said the quiet part out loud in a recent fundraising email when she reminded residents that economic relief comes with a price. 

MLG made clear that while she deserves credit for sending back a fraction of your own tax money to offset record-high inflation and gas prices, the legislation was more political than humane.

Now she wants your money back.

FIRST: I called a special legislative session to provide economic relief for New Mexico families struggling with inflation.

THEN: My team wasn’t able to fundraise a single dollar for most of 2022 due to regulations around legislative sessions.

NOW: My fundraising blackout is over, and I have less than 24 hours to reach my $150,000 end-of-month goal.

Her pitch is both politically brilliant and morally bankrupt — a quid-pro-quo followed by a victimization narrative ending with a desperate plea for financial support to allow her to blanket the airwaves with examples of how she’s thrown millions in taxpayer dollars toward programs that have failed to move the needle on general well-being in New Mexico.

Fact Check

The governor had no choice but to call the special session, because legislators were incensed that she vetoed their pork spending projects. They lopped on another stimulus check during the session because inflation has gotten so bad that bribing taxpayers with their own money was the only plan they could concoct to save themselves from the political genocide political analysts predict this November.

Define ‘Relief’

The crumbs they tossed are better than nothing but far from enough. The average household is expected to spend an additional $5,400 this year due to inflation. $500 is a pittance.

It was a slap in the face to offer such meager “relief” when the state government took in record revenue this year and increased government spending by 14% — a billion dollars. It’s a baseball bat to the head to then turn around and ask for political donations.

What exactly will voters be funding with these political contributions? Settlements for sexual harassment suits? Stocking her cupboards with more vodka and wagyu beef? Another delivery of high end jewelry

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  1. “took in record revenue this year and increased government spending by 14% ” – Isn’t that the standard for most Democratic governments. Like the Albuquerque raise the GRT so we can spend more. Worse, setting up a need for future spending to maintain ongoing projects. Let’s build more small houses nobody lives in but has a good staff to run the places.

  2. If you want to save your state vote her out. She is just another fear mongering money grabber living the high life while most New Mexicans suffer. Democrats are destroying our country.

    • Well put. Though I’d qualify that last part: Democrat lawmakers are destroying our state. Democrat voters have a bad case of buyer’s remorse and can right their past wrongs this election.

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