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ABQ City Council Funds Planned Parenthood With Taxpayer Dollars

Taxpayers are now directly funding Planned Parenthood in Albuquerque, boosting the city’s reputation as “the abortion capital of the world.”

Despite a slight Republican majority, the Albuquerque City Council voted 6–3 Tuesday to hand a quarter of a million dollars to the infamous abortion provider.

The appropriation was part of a 20% spending increase to the city budget — $15 million more than Democrat Mayor Tim Keller requested.

In an interview Wednesday with KKOB’s Bob Clark, Republican Councilor Dan Lewis, one of two “no” votes on the amendment, called the entire budget process a “free-for-all,” with councilors voting to spend “every last penny of all of our revenue.”

He said the Planned Parenthood funding was “thrown in” as the last line of one of 50 or 60 budget amendments the Council voted on.

“I think it’s terrible that city taxpayer dollars are going to an organization like that. This city is the abortion capital of the world, and I don’t think whether you’re pro-life or pro-choice, or Republican or Democrat, I don’t know anyone who would be proud of that.” 

— Dan Lewis, Albuquerque City Council, District 5

At a time when society is increasingly divided over the issue of abortion, the councilor who sponsored the amendment made clear in a press release that her intention was political.

Anti-women extremists have used aggression and intimidation towards Planned Parenthood clinics, staff, and patients resulting in increased costs, delays in treatment, and additional counseling and education needs,” Tammy Fiebelkorn of District 7 said. “These funds support our local Planned Parenthood clinic to ensure that all Albuquerque women have access to family planning, abortion, and other reproductive health services.”

Radio host Bob Clark said it best: “I didn’t realize being pro-life means being anti-women.”

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  1. What a dissapointment – both where the money goes and the effort to try to spend all the revenue.

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