2022 Governor's Race

Rebecca Dow Definitely Doesn’t Think Mark Ronchetti is Cute. Like Ew.

They say politics is Hollywood for ugly people. 

Which makes it all the more offensive to actual politicians when a handsome outsider tries to encroach on their territory.

Gubernatorial candidate Rebecca Dow isn’t having it.

“He’s not appealing to me,” Dow recently told the Santa Fe New Mexican. “Even when people are like, ‘He’s cute.’ I’m married to a 6-foot-6, 280-pound guy who likes to bow hunt. I don’t see it. And I have an app for the weather, so I don’t get it.” 

Ronchetti, a former meteorologist, is currently leading the Republican gubernatorial primary.

Dow is attractive in her own right, but the schoolyard teasing has raised a few eyebrows. In fact, it caught the attention of Politico.com, which selected the statement as its May 16 “Quote of the Day.”

While some might agree, others are sure to be insulted–not on behalf of Ronchetti, but for the high bar Dow sets on male attractiveness. There’s not a lot of guys in New Mexico who are over 6 feet tall. Even fewer who can bow hunt.

Then again, not everybody is trying to date Dow. In fact, only 9% of her own party even want her as the Republican nominee, let alone as a girlfriend.

Such is politics.

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    • For the same reason The Santa Fe New Mexican and Politico.com thought it worthy of publishing.

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