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APD Official Didn’t, In Fact, Mock Homicide Victim’s Family Member

Homicide Info Revealed After Sarcastic Exchange Over Data Entry Error

A recent article out of ABQ RAW falsely accused the Albuquerque Police Department’s Public Information Officer of “mocking” the family member of a homicide victim.

“On March 4th, 2022, Twitter user @yokibs tweeted out an offer to help Albuquerque Police Department and and (sic) it’s (sic) public affairs office (sic) technical and copy writing skills. The account was citing a homicide PDF that was released by APD that had errors on dates of cases.”

The tweet “offering help” criticized the police for late reports containing the wrong month (October) under the heading detailing February’s eight homicide victims. 

“Again offering my tech writing skills for free to @ABQPOLICE & @APD_PIO so the ‘weekly’ (never on time) homicide report is actually readable and HAS THE CORRECT DATE someone’s loved one was murdered. I know y’all let cases slip (@ABQJournal had an A+ read about it), but fuck.”

— Twitter user “Nun Ya” (@yokibs), Mar. 4, 2022

“The next day,” ABQ RAW reported, “the account @APD_PIO, an account that claims to be the official Twitter account of the Albuquerque Police Department public information office, responded to the tweet:

“Thank you for your copy editing. The world is a better place with your vigilance and your sarcasm.” 

—APD Public Information Officer (@APD_PIO), Mar. 5, 2022

The exchange continued, with @yokibs tweeting, “No problem. I figured someone should give a shit, considering there are ‘85 cases assigned to detectives who [are] no longer in the homicide unit,’ one of which is the murder of my cousin, Tony Gomez. But wtf do I know?!”

It’s only at this point that the PIO was informed about the Twitter user was the cousin of an Albuquerque homicide victim. 

“I can put you in touch with our homicide victim advocate and a deputy commander who can provide you with an update on your cousin’s case. We all care about every victim.”

While ABQ RAW did reach out to the police chief for comment, and included a screenshot of the Twitter exchange, it failed to include the PIO account’s response to @yokibs, which conveyed nothing but kindness and class.

Here’s @yokibs, by contrast, to whom ABQ RAW reached out for comment: “The person responding was a fucking dick and shouldn’t be interacting with the public if they can’t handle some Twitter criticism.”

So in summary: someone mocks the police for a data entry error, the PIO respond sarcastically in kind, at which point the data entry expert reveals that their cousin was murdered, and the PIO offered resources and condolences. And this somehow justifies not only being called (unironically) a “fucking dick,” but it warrants a news article falsely accusing the police of mocking murder victims’ families.

There is nothing productive about this type of criticism of police.

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  1. Feeds the narrative of “Police Bad”. Not particularly helpful in improving society, but they already know that.

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