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CO2 Emissions for Governor’s Flight To Climate Change Conference Tops 1,000kg 

There’s a reason it took five months for the public to see the price tag of Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham’s trip to Scotland to attend a climate change conference.

New Mexico is one of the three largest oil producers in the United States, and yet the governor flew across the globe — on jet fuel — to show her support for ridding the world of fossil fuels.

It’s as ironic as it is hypocritical.

The Rio Grande Foundation recently obtained the price tag for the governor’s little “decarbonization” vacation.

In summary, MLG flew coach from Albuquerque to Dallas, “premium economy” to London, and the equivalent of business class (known as Club Europe) from London to Gatwick in Scotland. The total cost of her flights was $1,808.97.

— Errors of Enchantment, Mar. 30, 2022

Thanks to Google Flights’ new feature showing the carbon emissions per flight, we not only know how much taxpayers spent on MLG’s virtue signaling tour, but we know her carbon footprint: 1,000kg CO2.

It might be unreasonable to expect the governor to take a solar-powered kayak across the pond, but it sure undermines the authenticity of “climate change” do-gooders to rely on carbon for a voyage to combat carbon emissions.

As if Barack Obama buying a $15 million mansion on the ocean wasn’t evidence enough that climate politics is a charade. 

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