2022 Governor's Race

Gay Reporter Calls Rebecca Dow a ‘Transphobe’ for Knowing What a Woman Is

Can Chris Ramirez define “man”?

In one of the most idiotic “hot takes” from a New Mexican ever recorded, KOB4 reporter Chris Ramirez has accused Republican gubernatorial candidate Rebecca Dow of being “transphobic” and “anti-GLBTQ” (sic?) — accusing the state representative of “hate speech” — for tweeting that she knows what a woman is.

Beyond the audacity of criticizing a woman for being so pretentious as to claim to know what a woman is, nothing about Dow’s tweet is anti- anything. It’s pro-woman, which apparently isn’t allowed in today’s Woke society, where men pretending to be women get more respect than actual women.

Thanks Feminism. Please exit stage left.

Neither Dow nor any of the other Republican candidates have “hinged” their campaign on such a basic biological fact. They’re campaigning against an incumbent who has made New Mexico worst by virtually every measure, from crime and education to border security and the economy.

That Dow felt compelled to stand up for her own sex at a time when half of the Democrat party is desecrating the sanctity of womanhood speaks to just how backward our world has become.

Ramirez is a gay man. He is not a lesbian. He is not a monkey. But how does he know this? By his own logic — that it’s “hate speech” to define “woman” — is it then not also hate speech to define “man”? Or “gay”? Or “Hispanic”?

In the make-believe world of Woke liberalism, the answer is yes. Anything that offends anyone is hateful. And just as the tyrannical minority has made words like “racism” meaningless by wielding it to shut down debate rather than engage in it, so too have basic biological concepts been rendered simultaneously offensive and meaningless.

Ramirez’s tweet itself doesn’t even make sense. He claims “Republican candidates are likely to lose votes” for daring to define the word “woman,” then says in the next sentence that it signals Dow, as governor, would “marginalize and reduce those who aren’t politically popular.”

Isn’t taking a position against the politically unpopular akin to take a politically popular position?

Apparently not. In 2022, dictionaries are as oppressive as peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are racist, rendering words like “popular” as meaningless as “science.”

That a TV news reporter would accuse a woman of “hate speech” for defining what a woman is peak idiocy.

If voters find it offensive, as Ramirez predicts, we deserve what’s coming. Unless we’ve hit rock bottom and can start climbing back to a reality where slandering our neighbors for understanding basic biology is frowned upon rather than celebrated — which is doubtful — then there really is no hope for society. Our deference to the decadence of Wokeism will be our destruction. We can thank the media for leading the way.

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