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MLG ‘Delivering for New Mexico’ At Slower Rate Than Literally Every Other State In America

Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham has chosen “delivering for New Mexico” as her messaging campaign for her re-election. It’s an interesting choice of words, and the policies she claims to be “delivering” are equally interesting.

She boasts of things like more taxpayer money to teachers, but hasn’t given those raises based on merit or measurable successes in the field.

Despite a 14% increase in government spending, she gave back an eighth of one percent with a gross receipts “tax cut,” which is enough to afford the average New Mexico family half of an extra hamburger when they dare splurge on a night out on the town in this economy.

The most glaring hypocrisy of her “delivering for New Mexico” is her claim of adding jobs and boosting the state economy

If our social media overlords were concerned about truth, they’d flag these types of posts as misinformation.

According to the actual data, New Mexico had the slowest recovery since COVID hit in early 2020. While the governor boasts of creating jobs and growing the economy, The Land of Ma˜nana actually ranks last in post-COVID economic recovery and first in the country in unemployment.

It wouldn’t be fair to compare New Mexico’s economic recovery to one of the most socialist states in the country, and yet even California has a lower unemployment rate than us. 

But it turns out that the “fair” comparison — against New Mexico’s regional neighbors — is actually less flattering.

New Mexico’s unemployment rate is 2.5 times higher than Utah’s, 2.1 times Oklahoma’s, 1.5 times Arizona’s, 1.4 times Colorado’s, and 1.2 times higher than Texas’.

According to WalletHub’s analysis of the fastest recoveries since COVID, New Mexico ranked 50th.

This isn’t surprising. 

After two years of job-killing COVID measures, New Mexico was one of the last states to lift mandates. We saw flat population growth in the last decade, according to Census data. Our legislature in the most-recent session salivated over historic oil and gas revenues by spending an extra billion dollars on social welfare programs, while job creation, cutting crime, and lowering taxes — things that would actually attract people and business to the state — were largely ignored.

As the third largest oil producer in the country, New Mexico’s majority Democrat party did nothing to offset record-high gas prices or 40-year high inflation. 

But again, none of that is surprising. New Mexico has been led by Democrats for the better part of a century, and we continually rank last in all measures of well-being — from education and income — and first in every category that should be last — like welfare dependency and community safety. You get what you vote for, and New Mexico has been voting for it for decades.

What’s surprising is that the governor thinks she can boast that our state’s measured decline is somehow a success.

If being last is Grisham’s definition of “delivering for New Mexicans,” perhaps New Mexicans could pool their resources to buy the governor a dictionary.

Or better yet, voter her out in November. 

“Delivering” is an interesting choice of words, considering our national rankings.

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