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Serial Criminal Killed By ABQ Police 

The man shot and killed Tuesday by Albuquerque Police during a car theft has been identified as 31-year-old Devin Morris. 

Police pursued Morris after identifying the truck he was driving as stolen. He “pulled a firearm out of his pocket,” according to news reports, and was tased before police fatally shot him at the Court John Motel on Fourth and Menaul, according to multiple news reports.

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Morris has a long rap sheet of drug possession, drug trafficking, and — yes — vehicle theft, though in recent years he seems to have somehow evaded conviction on anything but minor ordinance violations.

Morris’ criminal activity started young. After attending Albuquerque High School he moved to Colorado, where early records show a stint in jail as a teenager. He was booked by Moffat County in April 2009 “on suspicion of theft from a building, violating a restraining order and violating bail bond conditions,” according to Craig Daily Press.

In May 2009 we was arrested “on suspicion of two counts of bond revocation.” He was arrested as a transient in January 2011 on a warrant. Three months later, Morris was arrested in Bernalillo County, New Mexico, and extradited back to Craig, Colorado.

Morris’ record in Bernalillo County ramped up in 2017. In January he was charged with use or possession of drug paraphernalia and driving on a suspended license (both dismissed). In July he was charged for “safety in public places — panhandling,” pleading no contest. And in September he was charged with embezzlement of a stolen vehicle and possession of narcotics (both dismissed).

In 2018 Morris was charged for violating the public nuisances ordinance, for which he failed to appear on multiple occasions, resulting in bench warrants for his arrest. He eventually pleaded no contest.

In 2019 he was charged with “Receiving or Transferring Stolen Motor Vehicle,” which was dismissed. Two weeks later he was charged with criminal trespassing — also dismissed.

In March 2020, Morris was charged again with criminal trespassing, which again was dismissed, and possession of a controlled substance, for which he failed to appear. In May, he was charged with possession of drug paraphernalia and a controlled substance, and trafficking controlled substances. No disposition is shown. And in October 2020 he was charged with unlawful taking of a motor vehicle, resisting arrest, and possession of drug paraphernalia, all of which were…dismissed.

A memorial honoring Morris has also been dismissed.

“for all those who take up the sword shall perish by the sword.” 

— Matthew, 26:52

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  1. Many charges dismissed! The police have done a great community service. Could he have ever been saved from his life in crime? We shall never know, but his crime days are over. Just imagine the judges who allowed this to happen. They will never be held to account.

    • Agreed. If the justice system is pushing drug addicts back out on the street, it’s only a matter of time before they expire. What’s the point of funding the liberal safety net if it doesn’t catch people.

  2. This travesty maybe is not the fault of a judge. The Second Judicial District Attorney (Bernalillo County) is bought and paid for by billionaire George Soros — part of whose agenda for wrecking America is letting the criminal element run free. Many of the dismissals may be the handiwork of the DA.

    • Can the DA “dismiss” charges? I think only a judge can do that. Of course, charges must be created by the DA. Am I wrong in that assessment? Was the report accurate about dismissal? OTOH, the DA can cause a dismissal by not being ready for trial. We really need better reporting.

      • The news said dismiss not drop. Remain confused about who effected the lack of justice. Dismiss, I think is an act of a judge – perhaps because the prosecutor/witness not ready at time of trial. Maybe because the prosecutor asked (dropping the charges). But the case had to be on the court docket. By saying charges dismissed, the news says the court was responsible. At least that’s how I see it.

        Not to say prosecutors in NM have even been that eager to do their job.

  3. Wow Nick, what a one-sided article. How is he a cereal criminal when charges were dismissed? If he wasn’t convicted he didn’t commit the crime. Did he have hard times in life? Probably. Have you had hard times? To slander a man that was murdered by APD is sickening. Devin did not pull a gun, there was no weapon, he was unarmed. Have you seen the police footage? Get your facts straight before slandering a man. Devin never went to Albuquerque High School. Devin was a kind man, he wasn’t violent. In all those charges you listed none of them were violent. What is violent is your article. When Devin’s 12 year old son read this, when his mother had to mourn over the lies and complete disrespect you had for the loved ones when submitting this to the internet. You infact are the criminal and the violent offender. This is harassment and slander and my attorney will contact you shortly.

  4. Cafraid to leave any comments about Devin Morris,afraid of retaliation from his mother.

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