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NM DOH Report: COVID-19 Is A Republican

A barnburner of a report from the New Mexico Department of Health shows that sick, old, brown, and poor people are dying at a higher rate than their healthy, young, White, and wealthy counterparts— though not necessarily from COVID.

Of the 6,292 deaths reported from 2020 to Jan. 24, 2022, the demographically adjusted majority were non-White (sans Asian, of course, because they aren’t a politically exploitable minority), poor, old, and already sick — with a full 75% of deaths being among those with at least one co-morbidity. 

(The term “co-morbidities” is also known as “underlying health conditions,” though it is more politically appropriate to refer to it as “healthcare oppressed,” “nutritionally destitute,” or “the willful incapacitation of basic organ function due to drug and alcohol abuse, caused by post-traumatic stress stemming from slavery, the patriarchy, and/or capitalism”.)

Sixty-six percent were senior citizens.

The news is sure to please the COVID fear-porn vax mongers who cannot help but see politically motivated racism and classism as a motivating factor behind literally everything in society.

According to the report, those 40% below the poverty line were more than twice as likely to die than those within 5% of the poverty line. 

Not surprisingly, no data was provided for the demographic who are not in poverty, because they too are not so easily politically exploitable.

As evidence of the virus’ inherent racism, only 20% of Whites and 21% of Asians who died with/from/of/thinking-about COVID were under the age of 65, while American Indians, Blacks, and Hispanics did not fare so well (at 46%, 35%, and 37%, respectively.) 

The message is clear: young, White, wealthy New Mexicans are the least likely to be targeted by the conservatively ideological COVID-19 virus and die either with or from or while hypothetically entertaining the thought of potentially contracting COVID than their demographically opposite counterparts.

Which proves what so many on the Left have been saying since 2020: COVID-19 is not only racist, ageist, and classist. It’s a Republican.

If there’s a silver lining to the DOH report, it’s that COVID-19 is killing more men than women, proof that while the virus may be staunchly Republican, it is an anti-patriarchy feminist Republican, which is infinitely better than a pro-patriarchy “feminism is cancer” Republican. 

(Department of Health data does not break down data beyond the two male/female genders.)

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