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The Omicron Oxymoron: ‘Less Severe’ Variant Causes 50% Spike in Hospitalizations

“Less Severe” But Equal Deaths, 50% Higher Hospitalizations?

Mainstream media is out en force spinning a new narrative to soften the political blow to the Biden Administration as COVID surges: Omicron, they say, is less severe.

It’s a simple message: there are fewer deaths per infection than the Delta variant.

In September 2021, when Delta peaked, there were 165,000 new cases per day nationally, 103,000 hospitalizations, and an average of 2,100 deaths per day. Omicron is significantly less lethal based on infection rate, with a peak (so far) of 800,000 cases per day (as of January 15, 2022), 160,000 hospitalizations, and 2,000 deaths per day.

While it’s looks like good news, it doesn’t actually matter, because the raw number of deaths is nearly identical as during the Delta surge, and the number of hospitalizations is 50% higher. This, coupled with the Biden Administration’s push to terminate unvaccinated hospital staff, have created a major strain on the healthcare system.

“Hospitals, emergency rooms, urgent care centers and doctors’ offices are overburdened and understaffedacross the country. Hospitals in some areas are already shutting down elective surgeries and must even treat critical care patients in emergency rooms.” 

— The New York Times

Imagine a small town with one mechanic, where severe summer weather caused major damage to a few vehicles, then less severe winter weather caused minor damage to many vehicles. You can say that the winter weather was less severe, but there are still more vehicles out of commission in the winter than there were in the summer. Add a federal mandate that results in the mechanic losing a quarter of its workforce and you suddenly have a situation where fewer workers are attempting to fix more vehicles than they were at full capacity.

Only in the theoretical realm would Omicron be a better alternative to Delta. In reality, the number of deaths are the same, and there is an average of 60,000 more people in the hospital on any given day than there were under Delta.

That is not an excuse to continue locking down countries. The “experts” have shown that nothing they recommend makes a difference, and as such they should let people mitigate their own risk in the world. That is freedom, after all.

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