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Don’t Say We Didn’t Warn You: A look Back at The Conservative New Mexican’s 2021 COVID Analyses

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COVID was obviously one of, if not THE MOST important topic of 2021, so let’s take a look back at some of our biggest stories in 2021.

Herd Immunity Unlikely, Vaccine Profits Guaranteed

In the very first COVID article at our launch on May 4, 2021, I warned you that COVID vaccines were unlikely to get the population to herd immunity due to the fact that they don’t provide sterilizing immunity.

“There is growing concern among some experts that the vaccines themselves could make COVID harder to control and even more dangerous.”

When people contract COVID, the virus evolves and mutates. This is also true of people who have been vaccinated, but additionally, the vaccine puts specific selection pressures on the virus that would otherwise not exist. In the absence of a global pandemic, this is not a huge problem. But in the midst of millions of active infections, and fast moving variants, vaccine intervention may lead to even more contagious, deadly, and vaccine-resistant variants of the virus.

This fact became more obvious over the course of the summer and fall when I warned you about vaccine failure and increased cases and hospitalizations with the Delta wave.

Despite multiple assurances (lies) from our dear leaders that the vaccines would make us immune to COVID, and thus help us reach herd immunity, it is now undeniable that those who are vaccinated are getting and spreading COVID, and have about the same viral load as the unvaccinated.

In the past few weeks, the Omicron variant has made a complete mockery of the jabs, and new data from Ontario shows that there are more cases and hospitalizations of fully and partially vaccinated people than the unvaccinated.

As the great Saint Anthony of Fauci once said, “The vaccines that we use, the regular two-dose mRNA, don’t do very well against infection itself.”

The FDA’s Dangerous Shell Game

In August 2021, I warned you about the shell game at the FDA concerning the licensure of the Comirnaty vaccine.

Namely, the FDA and the manufacturer want you to think the licensed Comirnaty vaccine is the same as the Pfizer vaccine, even though they are legally distinct and the Pfizer vaccine is shielded from liability for vaccine-related injuries.

The FDA has essentially created a “legal” mechanism for vaccine mandates that shields Pharma companies from liability while allowing Pfizer to unload its vaccine surplus under false legal pretenses.

Comirnaty, once licensed by the FDA, was no longer shielded from liability for vaccine injuries, but it was also conveniently unavailable.

Nearly five months later, the Cominrnaty vaccine is still not available in the United States.

Congressman Thomas Massie has been trying to draw attention to this odd circumstance, and has mused about the possible reasons for it.

Vaccine safety advocate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. believes the ultimate goal of the FDA and the manufacturer is to make Comirnaty unavailable in the U.S. until it is fully licensed for children, and put on the regular vaccine schedule.

They are never going to market a vaccine, allow people access to a vaccine, an approved vaccine without getting liability protection. Now the emergency use authorization vaccines have liability protection under the PREP Act and under the CARES Act. So as long as you take an emergency use vaccine, you can’t sue them. Once they get approved, now you can sue them, unless they can get it recommended for children. Because all vaccines that are recommended, officially recommended for children get liability protection, even if an adult gets that vaccine. That’s why they are going after the kids. They know this is going to kill and injure a huge number of children, but they need to do it for the liability protection.

—Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

Time will tell if Kennedy is correct, but if the last two years have taught us anything, it’s that none of this is about health.

If We Don’t Fight Back, Prepare for TSA At Every Café

And finally, in October 2021, I warned you about the dangers of being complacent about vaccine mandates.

COVID has put us into 9/11-style crisis mode, only this time, the crisis is of much longer duration and the bureaucratic reactions are constantly held over our heads like the Sword of Damocles. We are now in the second full year of this indecision and psychological warfare, and the policies are even more ineffective and invasive than those post-9/11.

Despite the Biden Administration’s efforts, there have been hundreds of lawsuits filed against the regime’s unlawful mandates. As we reported this week, a judge recently blocked the vaccine mandate for federal workers, another blocked the mandate for Headstart employees, two days ago a judge issued an injunction preventing the Department of Defense from punishing U.S. Navy members who refused the COVID vaccines, and today the Supreme Court will hear arguments on two aspects of the mandate — one affecting businesses with 100 or more employees; the other on a rule affecting employees of certain medical facilities that receive Medicare and Medicaid funding.

The decision will likely set the precedent for all other Biden mandates.

Hopefully, at least at the federal level, the mandates will be put down.

But states continue to push lockdowns and masks and vaccines on children without regard for the unknown long-term effects. America has not seen the worst of the totalitarianism. Across the globe, governments are ostracizing citizens for failing to bend the knee, imprisoning them, barring them from participating in civic life, and taking away their ability to work and provide for their families.

I chose these particular issues from the past year to highlight the failure and malfeasance of the ruling class, but if you scroll through the breadth of coverage in our COVID COUNTERPUNCH category, you will find many more.

The ruling class promised the vaccines would give us immunity and they didn’t deliver.

They promised masks would stop the spread of COVID and then admitted they wouldn’t.

They have shielded Big Pharma from liability for hurting people with the vaccines.

They have mandated that we take the ineffective vaccines with no recourse if we are injured, or else we will lose our livelihoods and ability to move freely in society.

And they have blamed a minority of the population for case counts, hospitalizations, and deaths that are unchanged from a year ago when 0% of the population was vaccinated.

We must never let them forget what they have done.

If you’re not doing it already, make 2022 the year you take action.

Support candidates who oppose mandates, but don’t wait for an electoral solution. The politicians won’t save us.

Vote with your feet and dollars. Refuse to give business to those who enforce mandates. Remove your children from schools that force them to wear masks and eat alone, outside, sitting on overturned buckets in the freezing cold.

If plausible, move away from cities that are mandating medical apartheid.

Remember that the responsibility belongs to people on the right as much as the left.

The impotent, outmoded conservative/libertarian principle that private businesses can do what they want is enabling medical tyranny on the citizenry.

Even vaxxed people who oppose mandates on principle, but participate in “mandate culture” by showing vax cards to get into restaurants or entertainment venues are part of the problem.

If we allow this to become the norm, there will be no limiting principles in the future and we won’t be able to rely on the institutions that have already failed us.

Do it now, or your kids will never know what a world without this tyranny looks like.

Let’s make 2022 the year we take our lives back.

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