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Democrats, Crazy Woke Snowflakes, Cause Gun Sales To Soar

Liberal Democrats leading the charge in woke politics along with conversations of gun control helped 2021 become the second best year for gun sales in American history.

The FBI recently reported that they conducted 38.8 million background checks in 2021. This is only slightly down from 2020 when they conducted 39.6 million background checks. These do not represent the total number of firearms sold, but the 2021 estimate reported by Forbes is 18.5 million as of December 01.

In March 2021, the second full month after Joe Biden’s inauguration, background checks reached a one-month all-time high of 4,691,738.

What is causing this surge in firearm purchases? Americans are done trusting the government for their safety. In 2020 we saw lockdowns on working Americans while rioters took to the streets, looted, and burned innocent business owners’ dreams to the ground. The people responded by arming themselves.

In 2021, America, specifically in Democrat-run cities, saw skyrocketing crime rates. Americans once again have responded by legally purchasing firearms to protect themselves and their families.

Chicago saw the highest number of homicides in 20 years, a total of 836. This gives them a homicide rate of about 30.44 per 100,000 residents. This bloodshed did not stay in Chicago though.

Not to be outdone, Albuquerque tried to keep up, and made it to 117 homicides (in city limits) for 2021, a per capita rate of about 21.43. For reference, Albuquerque had only 30 homicides in 2014.

Liberal politicians have been calling for a reduction of police funding since the middle of 2020. Some of their cities followed through such as Austin, TX, Minneapolis, MN, New York City and others. Crime is up in all of these.

Combine rising crime rates with Biden nominating crazy people like David Chipman, a gun lobbyist to run the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (BATFE), and rising gun purchases is the result. Chipman’s nomination was pulled after backlash from both sides of the political spectrum.

And it’s not just White Males purchasing guns in record numbers. Women and minority buyers are exercising their Second Amendment rights to protect their families as well.

Professor Christopher Lyons, a professor at University of New Mexico told KRQE that one theory for the rise in crime is that “the pandemic altered our routine activities – and therefore has affected crime”.

It must not have anything to do with repeat offenders being let out of jails to commit more crime and then skip out on their court hearings.

Professor Lyons did make a good point when he said that “de-policing, due to social pressure has made officers less vigorous in their routine police work”.  Even the obese and out of touch police chief, Harold Medina, knows that the ridiculous protests and calls for getting rid of the police department have affected police officers. Combine record crime and lax laws, and it’s no wonder Albuquerque only solved 36% of homicides last year.

It’s not just the politicians. The people are just as much to blame as their elected leaders.

Albuquerque Mayor Tim Keller does not support his police department, homicides have skyrocketed and homeless is rampant on his watch, and and yet the people in Albuquerque just voted this moron back in office.

If you want to see new homicide records, keep voting the same way New Mexicans have voted for decades. Keep blaming judges for letting out criminals even though the real reason is because the PEOPLE voted for bail reform and forced it on the judges.

Police officers are forced to arrest the same people over and over, only to see them out of jail a few days later. On a weekday in 2019, 60 out of 73 people arrested were repeat offenders and had warrants for their arrest!

Americans will keep buying guns in record numbers as long as liberal policies and the “woke” trends continue. You can’t cancel the Second Amendment in America.

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  1. Well yelling at the wind continues. It appears that many new owners are not conservatives ready to take on the government buy liberals, particularly females, who wish personal protection. I hope shops are urging proper training,

    We remain baffled at why NM is stuck in the past. The Journal is not heavily partisan so it isn’t that media is all that negative. OTOH reaching the masses and getting to changed minds demands more charismatic speakers with the ability to do a lot of outreach. Hopefully the spring may bring good faces. Face like Maharg need exposure as does Dow.

    I remain stunning that pretty boy Keller survived despite his failures. But that says a lot itself for division. Your comments on Medina hit home, sorry for the ranks.

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