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As Weight-Related Comorbidities Tip the Scales on COVID Deaths, Triple-Vaxxed State Rep Calls Out ‘COVIDIOTS’ to Get the Jab

Rep. Thomson campaigning at a KDSK radio event, 2019

For the same reason you wouldn’t go to a dentist who has bad teeth or elect a school board member who has never had children in school, neither should you listen to an overweight politician who wants to legislate what medical treatments you are forced to receive.

Unfortunately, that’s what followers of New Mexico House Rep. Liz Thomson are subjected to almost daily on social media. 

Rep. Thomson (left) at a candidate discussion with the hunger coalition, 2014.

It should come as no surprise that the vax COVIDians fail to see the hypocrisy of overweight legislators advocating laws to force-vaccinate healthy people. 

The vaccine cult comprises mostly Democrats, after all — pro-abortionists, pro-reparationists, student debt cancellationists and economic redistributionists who see everything through a lens of victim and oppressor, where the harder you work and the better you do the bigger an oppressor you are.

Hypocrisy is generally a product of ignorance or deceit. You either know you’re lying but have an agenda, or you don’t know you’re wrong. But there is a third category that the pandemic has revealed, and that’s the self-preservationists: people whose rhetoric justifies their poor lifestyle choices.

So what is it that they know but are lying about, don’t know because they’re ignorant, or are covering up out of self-preservation?

COVID deaths.

Of the 5,774 deaths reported in the most recent New Mexico Department of Health Epidemiology Report, 75% had one or more underlying health problem (51% had two or more), and of those, 76.3% were weight related (hypertension, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, obesity, and liver disease). 

Campaign Interview with New Mexico News Port, 2014

While the correlation may not be causal — Vitamin D deficiency is also highly correlated to the weight-related comorbidites associated with COVID deaths — the data is a revelation about the power of projection. 

It’s possible a state legislator and physical therapist by trade (ironic in itself) somehow missed the data on COVID deaths. If she has, then she can thank us for the wake-up call. But more likely is that she’s not advocating government mandated calorie restrictions for the same reason “Black Lives Matter” doesn’t advocate funding police. 

Actions have consequences, and sometimes nature, not man, is the arbiter of justice. 

Democrats are the party of mitigating personal responsibility, of aborting children if it inconveniences the parents, of taxing workers to fund social programs for those who don’t or won’t work full time, and now of sacrificing children if it means protecting those whose lifestyle choices make them targets of a virus. 

And yes, Thomson wants mandatory child vaccinates, at least for children in school.

What’s her response to those who point out the hypocrisy of obese politicians making healthcare choices for healthy Americans?

The same card Democrats play whenever their hypocrisy is revealed: the victim card.

In a series of tweets celebrating the courts’ rejection of requests to halt New Mexico’s vaccine mandates, Thomson wrote, “BTW-Washington mandated his troops get ‘inoculated’ against smallpox, back in the days of the Revolution. Saving lives is moral and good policy!”

The Conservative New Mexican has explained before how, from mortality rate to vaccine efficacy, comparing COVID to smallpox is a false equivalence. We commented on Thomson’s tweet, “when obese people compare covid to smallpox.”

Thomson is an exclamation-point tweeter, someone who compensates for analysis with insults, calling people “clueless” and “stupid” and “dumb” and “loser” for anything she disagrees with, labeling them a “jerk” when she’s really fed up and a “selfish jerk,” “misogynistic jerk,” “racist jerk,” “entitled jerk,” “ignorant jerk,” or the truly hard hitting “jerk on steroids” when she’s deep in the throws of a histrionic fit.

For whatever reason, we were spared her signature “jerk” insult, but the typical liberal ad hominem, redirection, and victim defense were on full display.

“When you go to attempts to body shame,” Thomson wrote, “you prove your social-emotional and cognitive development stalled in early adolescence. I feel sorry for you and your lack of development.”

This is truly sad, that she either can’t or won’t see past her weight and address the (proverbial, not literal) elephant in the room. 

What Thomson calls “body shaming” the state of New Mexico calls “data.” Even if Vitamin D deficiency is the missing link between COVID mortality and weight-related comorbidities, there is no denying the data on who is dying of COVID. Thomson does more harm than good by pretending it isn’t real. 

If “body shaming” is the preferred terminology for not believing it’s society’s responsibility to protect obese politicians against viruses they made themselves more vulnerable to on account of bad dietary and lifestyle choices (or failure to propertly supplement their diet and go outside in the sun), fine. It doesn’t make it true. And it doesn’t make Thomson a victim.

It makes her selfish. A “selfish jerk,” even.

Nobody cares that Thomson is obese. Almost half the country is obese. Nobody cares that she mean-tweets more than Donald Trump.

The problem is that she has no skin in the game. She takes no responsibility for the choices that make her most vulnerable to the virus. She does not encourage other at-risk individuals to take responsibility for their actions. And she has the gall to name-call those who point out the clown car logic of an unhealthy politician making health decisions for healthy people. 

Thomson isn’t encouraging at-risk individuals to get vaccinated. She’s advocating government mandates that force workers to choose between their careers and their medical autonomy, and there are no exceptions for the health of the worker.

Which reveals another layer of hypocrisy: she doesn’t actually believe the rhetoric she spews about vaccines. 

Thomson is proudly pro-vax. She calls people who don’t want to get vaccinated “COVIDIOTS.” And she’s not only double-vaccinated. She’s boosted. 

Which shows you how much she trusts “science.” 

Vaccines are so effective she is constantly enraged by the “COVIDIOTS” and “jerks” and “losers” who won’t do their part and get jabbed so she doesn’t die. 

If she wanted to save lives, she would be honest about the data and redirect her rhetoric toward people like her who are most vulnerable to COVID.

If she wanted to save lives, she would acknowledge that there are as many people dying right now, with 75% of the state fully vaccinated, as there were in December 2020, when 0% of the population was vaccinated.

If she cared about other people she would acknowledge the 99.6% rate of survival for the vast majority of people and call out the “selfish jerks” who shut themselves inside, eat poorly, and don’t exercise — because regardless of how many vaccines people get, or don’t, those are the people who are dying.  

And if she cared about herself she would stop projecting her health failures on other people and get in shape. Maybe then she would be taken seriously when she gives out health advice. 

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  1. It’s quite sad that she would condemn the choices of others when she takes the stance we should not condemn her choices. Her fear of Covid may be rational but she has decided others should be as fearful as she. Projection seems to be a common feature of her politics.

  2. Liz wants power and control. She wants the power to control YOUR life. She thinks YOUR rights are stupid, because she’s in “the club”, even if she’s a bottom tier member. She doesn’t care, in the slightest, about the people she is supposed to represent. She doesn’t even reside in Bernalillo county, yet somehow, “represents” the needs and wishes of people who do. People who actually work for a living. People who are struggling and hurting. She doesn’t care. She’s a dumpster fire.

  3. Dear Nick

    Hello from the UK.

    Liz Thomson wants to bring everyone down to her level, obese and unhealthy. The bottom common denominator. In her case a very large bottom common denominator.

    Or even for her she wants to be a large bottomed very common/vulgar/coarse dominator!!

    Personally, I think your comment re elephant in the room is perfectly reasonable – literally! She want others to suffer as she does. Yet does not see that vaccines are merely neuro-toxins, as are most big pharma drugs. These are probably some of the reasons for her weight problem.

    There are plenty of other neuro-toxins in food, including sodium nitrite in processed meats and artificial sweeteners.

    But she is evil for wanting to inflict pain on others and the risk of death. She is the selfish jerk and the Covidiot. Very sad.

    Kind regards

    Baldmichael Theresoluteprotector’sson

    Please excuse the nom-de-plume, this is as much for fun as a riddle for people to solve if they wish.

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