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Charlatan ‘Doctor’ Propagates COVID Misinformation in NM’s Biggest Fishrag

UNM Doctor Douglas Binder has made a complete fool of himself, a mockery of medicine, and a disgrace of The Albuquerque Journal in a column claiming vaccines are “the safest” he’s ever seen and can eradicate the COVID virus and end the pandemic — if only you’d go get your jabs.

Citing an unnamed patient, Binder resorted to strawman “human experimentation” and “fifth limb” conspiracies that he would be hard-pressed to find in the 30% of Americans who are skeptical about COVID vaccines.

“Will we grow extra limbs? Will our hair fall out?

Mine has already started to fall out, but I don’t think it was the COVID-19 vaccine that made that happen. And, as of today, no fifth limb. Not yet.” 

— Douglas Binder, The Journal, December 6, 2021

It’s this kind of intellectually diminutive head-patting that infuriates so many, and it does more harm than good. 

Binder claims (twice, in exactly the same wording, two sentences apart) that COVID vaccines “are the safest I’ve ever seen,” which is either an outright lie or a failure to run a basic internet search.

The is preposterous on its face, and his comparison to smallpox vaccines proves it. Binder rightly states that smallpox vaccines were discovered in the 1700s, and that “it took almost 200 years for us to eradicate” the virus, and that it “was arguably the greatest killer in all human history.”

But to claim that a vaccine created in a few months is safer than a vaccine that took hundreds of years to test, tinker with, and perfect is ridiculous. And with less than a year in circulation, COVID vaccines’ long-term effects remain unknown (no matter how many news outlets propagate the myth that there are no long-term effects, it is a lie they cannot yet prove, because, quite simply, the vaccines haven’t been around very long).

Binder’s comparison of COVID vaccines to smallpox vaccines is either intentionally misleading or ignorant.

For one, smallpox vaccines provide sterilizing immunity (preventing transmission), which is how the virus was eradicated. COVID vaccines are not sterilizing, which is why the CDC has come out admitting not only that the vaccinated can still contract the virus, but that both the vaccinated and unvaccinated shed the same viral load when infected.

This indicates not a “pandemic of the unvaccinated,” as has been claimed by mainstream media, but a pandemic of the vaccinated. In England, a recent government report showed that of more than 930,000 new COVID cases, a shocking 85.6% of those over 40 had received two doses of the COVID vaccine. (If you think this is a fluke, the rates of hospitalization correlate: with 61% of all emergency care occurring in the fully vaccinated, 72.6% in the over-40 demographic; and 78.8% of COVID deaths in Britain occurring among the fully vaccinated, 79.7% in those over 40. Makes you wonder, is U.S. data fabricated, or are Brits just unlucky?)

Second, only a villain or a fool would compare the mass devastation of smallpox to COVID. Smallpox had a 30% mortality rate at a time when obesity and heart disease and sedentary lifestyles were not compounding factors. Of those who didn’t die of smallpox, millions were left blind. Compare that to COVID’s survival rate of 98.5%. Of the 1.5% of Americans who died with COVID, over 90% were obese with underlying health conditions, and 75% were over the age of 65. That’s a survival rate of 99.6%, conservatively. 

Third, smallpox vaccines are 95% effective and last three to five years, compared to Pfizer’s initial claim of more than 90% efficacy in November 2020, which was subsequently reduced to 88% in the first month after a second dose, before being scaled back to 47% after 150 days, according to an October 2021 study (funded by Pfizer). 

Fourth, what kind of doctor issues a full-throated endorsement of a medical treatment that has killed 10,000 people — and injured countless more — without mentioning the potential side-effects or the apparent necessity of twice-annual boosters to be considered “fully vaccinated”? 

It’s true that scientists have been testing coronavirus vaccines for years, but the reason they failed to find a cure then is the same reason vaccines today haven’t eradicated COVID.

Vermont is the most vaccinated state in the country, at 74%, and has seen record hospitalizations this month with one of the fastest-rising rates of infection in the nation. Gibraltar is one of the most vaccinated countries on Earth, at 118%(including fully vaccinated Spaniard commuters), and recently saw a 2,500 percent increase in infections.

If eradication is possible at all, why isn’t it happening in the most vaccinated places? If vaccines are “the safest” Binder has ever seen, why is it so much more dangerous than even the seasonal flu vaccine, which has rates of anaphylaxis that are two to four times lower than COVID vaccines and kill an estimated nine people per year out of 140 million vaccinated (versus 10,128 deaths, per the CDC, among the 236 million who have received the COVID vaccine). 

In what world is a mortality rate 650 times higher somehow safer, let alone “the safest”?

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but Binder isn’t entitled to his own facts. As a doctor sharing his “expertise” in the state’s largest newspaper, it’s a disgrace that he would so unabashedly spread Big Pharma’s pro-vax propaganda without facts or context, it’s unethical as a medical professional, and it’s dangerous to the community he should be trying to protect.

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