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Only 23% of New Mexicans ‘Fully Vaccinated,’ According to Governor

New Mexico’s embattled Democrat governor recently declared that the designation “fully vaccinated” only applies to those who have received the COVID “booster” shot.

According to state health data, the redefinition of “fully vaccinated” cuts the state’s vaccination rate by two thirds.

Catching the attention of the national Associated Press two weeks ago, Gov. Michelle “Wujan Lujan” Grisham was quoted as saying, “We know vaccinations are the most effective tool to both blunting the spread of the virus and to protecting ourself and our families. So we are analyzing what we can do to create those incentives — and potentially mandates — for making sure that people are fully vaccinated, which means three vaccines” (emphasis added).

Never mind that we actually don’t know that vaccines are the most effective tool to protect against COVID, compared to, say, low BMI, high Vitamin D levels, a quality diet, regular exercise, etc. Until “science” allows objective analysis of Big Pharma’s cash cow and Big Government starts telling Americans the truth about what makes them vulnerable to such viruses, claiming COVID vaccines are the best at anything is just not true. What we do know is that the claim on its face is bullshit: if vaccines were such a success, why do we have more cases and hospitalizations today than we did before there were vaccines — when literally 0% of the population was vaccinated?

Unfortunately, New Mexico can no longer boast about its stellar vaccine numbers, because with one statement the governor has erased two-thirds of the vaccinated population’s immunity.

Based on state health data, only 22.8% of New Mexican adults have received a booster shot. MLG’s new definition means the “fully vaccinated” has fallen from 74.4% previously considered “safe” to less than one in four.

New Mexico booster shot statistics

For those who take the government at its word that vaccines last only six months, many have wondered when the state’s vaccination tracking will start to reflect a decline in the numbe of “fully vaccinated” residents. It’s been ten months since vaccines were widely available, after all, and vaccine demand has never recovered since its April 2021 peak. 

The state health department has yet to update its data to account for those whose vaccines are no longer considered effective, but with data showing that only 23% of New Mexican’s are “boosted” with a third dose of the vaccine, we at least have an idea how many residents actually meet the governor’s definition of “fully vaccinated.”

And it’s low.

The question now becomes, what does the governor plan to do about it? 

Is a state “mandate” on the horizon? Perhaps another lockdown? Or will the government throw more taxpayer money at more “incentives” to boost booster rates?

It’s hard to say. But with a new and improved variant on the loose, expect more pressure, more end-of-times fear mongering, and more useless action from the tiny tyrant in Santa Fe. She’s coming into an election year, after all, and there are at least seven people running to remove her from office. 

A good Democrat never abandons a bad policy, and after two years of claiming to have the answers and failing to deliver a single result on the COVID front, don’t expect Wuhan Lujan to abandon the vaccine ship now. By declaring that “fully vaccinated” means “two shots and a booster,” she has literally tied herself to the mast. 

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