COVID Counterpunch

Most Vaccinated County In New Mexico Sees Biggest Surge In Hospitalizations

According to the latest data from The New York Times, Los Alamos is experiencing a 351% surge in hospitalizations, the highest two-week average in the state, despite being the most vaccinated county in New Mexico, at 77%.

While the average number of hospitalizations per capita (14) is about half the state average (29), Los Alamos County also happens to be one of the smallest and homogenous counties in the state. 

The county is home to Los Alamos National Laboratory, which made news last month when workers fought back against the COVID vaccine mandate handed down by President Joe Biden. A Los Alamos district judge recently dismissed a lawsuit from more than 100 workers who were denied exemptions.

The sharp spike in hospitalizations trends with the third-highest rise in new cases in the state, according to NYTimes data. Los Alamos County saw a 213% increase in cases over the last two weeks, 3.5 times the state average. 

New Mexico as a whole has the second-fastest rate of new cases in the country, at 79 per 100,000 people, second only to Michigan (84), and more than 2.5 times the national average.

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