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The Disquieting Relief of Receiving a COVID Vaccination Exemption

My employer granted my COVID vaccine exemption, allowing me to continue working without being forced to inject a Big Pharma cocktail into my body against my will.

It was a relief. I am grateful for having been been granted medical autonomy. And yet, I am bothered by the ordeal, as many others surely are, for having to ask for an exemption to a coerced medical procedure that no government has no legal authority to impose in the first place.

It’s like having to ask permission to breathe. Then saying “thank you” when they allow it.

None of it makes sense. 

If we’re all shooting live rounds at each other from the same caliber handgun — and even the technocrats in Washington admit that the infected carry and spread the same viral load regardless of vaccination status —forcing me to vaccinate doesn’t keep my co-workers safe. If I’m wearing body armor and they’re not, my vest won’t save them. Likewise, if they are wearing a vest (and it works), I’m not a risk to their safety. 

Of course, vaccines aren’t bulletproof vests. If they were, we would not have more COVID cases today, with three-quarters of the population vaccinated, than we did before vaccines existed, when zero percent of the population was jabbed.

Biden’s “mandate” has nothing to do with workforce safety — if the vaccines work, get it. If the infected spread COVID at the same rates regardless of whether they are vaccinated and unvaccinated, the vaccination status of your co-workers has no effect on you, in the same way a commuter who runs out of gas has no effect on you if you’re driving on a full tank.

It has everything to do with the government thinking it knows what’s best for your health. And if their corporate lobbies make a few (tens of billions of) dollars in profit in the meantime, well, that’s just fine.

If the government cared about the health of its citizenry, why hasn’t it declared a national emergency on heart disease and mandated calorie capacities, diets, and exercise regiments to stop its leading contributor, obesity?

If the government cared about health, why would it not allow negative COVID testing as a condition of employment? The vaccinated and unvaccinated carry the same viral load, and yet the vaccinated majority can go about their business without having to prove that they are not infected. 

If the government cared about health, why would its mandate not target the most vulnerable demographics? 

As of this writing, 47 million Americans have contracted COVID-19. A total of 777,000 have died. That’s a 1.6% fatality rate. But of those, 75% were over 65 years old, and over 90% of those had underlying health problems that contributed to their demise, bringing the fatality risk to a fraction of a percentage point. 

This isn’t a workplace hazard. Forcing the healthy, the young, and those without compromised systems to get a vaccine that doesn’t make the unhealthy, the old, or the immuno-compromised any safer.

These irrationalities have no bearing, of course, on the constitutional authority of a government attempting to coerce its citizenry into getting an unproven medical treatment as a condition of employment. 

This is dangerous new territory that I’m sure employers no more enjoy trudging through than I do. Even the courts have taken issue with the rule, calling it a “grave statutory and constitutional” overreach.

As my friend put it, “It’s like they made us self-identify as lepers, then had us beg for permission to continue to don the title.” 

And they call it science.

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  1. “As of this writing, 47 million Americans have contracted COVID-19”

    The CDC estimate is much higher–124 million had a symptomatic covid infection.

    Add that to the 40% with preexisting natural immunity who never develop symptoms and you get 220 million with natural immunity.

    So the 1.7% fatality rate is more like 0.34% fatality rate. And 25% of the deaths are likely over-reported because they are covid-related, but not caused by covid, so that brings the fatality rate down to 0.25%.

    And about 80% of THOSE deaths were likely preventable if early treatment with antiviral cocktails had been given.

    But then there wouldn’t have been $$$ for pharma.

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