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Tribes Five Times More Violent Than Non-Tribal Communities — ‘Because Racism’

Imagine going to your parents and asking for money, because you spent yours, but it wasn’t your fault that you spent it. They raised you, it was their influence that caused you to spend so recklessly. It’s their fault. Now pay up.

That’s what it’s like reading any “BIPOC” screed about how the world has wronged them, their violence or drug addiction or health problems or poverty aren’t their doing, and reparations are due.

This perpetuation of cultural victimhood is doing more harm today than any injustice done against your ancestors.

If my children sought reparations for injustices committed against their grandparents, I would consider that a failure as a parent. 

The state has failed its constituents, creating a victim culture of freeloaders who will use any excuse they find to justify their own inaction, laziness, and failure to succeed. It is shameful, and it is unAmerican.

In a guest column in The Albuquerque Journal, Tiffany Jiron of the New Mexico Coalition to Stop Violence Against Native Women wrote that “four of every five Indigenous women will face violence.”

While there are partisan groups who will make outlandish claims like “97% of violent crime against Natives were at the hands of non-Natives,” this defies logic and is not supported by the data.

According to the latest National Crime Victimization Survey, “The percentage of violent incidents involving offenders of other races (Native Hawaiians and Other Pacific Islanders, American Indians and Alaska Natives, and persons of two or more races) was 3.8 times the percentage of those races in the population.” That compares to Blacks, who have a 1.8 offender-to-population ratio, 0.8% for Whites and Hispanics, and 0.4% for Asians. 

This is consistent with decades of data on violent crime. Victims of crime committed by White are White. Victims of Black crime are overwhelmingly perpetuated by Blacks. The same statistical breakdown applies to marriage, where the vast majority of people marry within their race.

If four in five White women were victims of violent crime, that would not be the fault of non-Whites. It would be the fault of Whites.

But not everyone believes the science.

“In tribal communities, where the rate of violence is five times more likely to occur than in non-Native communities, it’s important to understand the root causes of violence. It’s important to understand the historical context and historical trauma, and how they are a direct consequence of ongoing systemic violence against our Indigenous nations as a result of the establishment and expansion of the settler colonial project we know as the United States of America.”

Read that again.

Tribal communities are five times more violent than non-Native communities, but the problem isn’t violence within Native communities, it’s the fault of “historical trauma” and the “expansion of the settler colonial project.”

And the solution is more money.

Native American tribes in the United States are legally sovereign. They are their own country, within another country, and own three times more land (3%) than their population (>1%). 

What does that have to do with violence within tribal communities?


Tribes receive billions in annual welfare, paid for by American workers. They are land owners, casino owners, and beneficiaries of social programs Americans cannot have. But rather than utilize it, the resources are squandered.

The biggest failure of the U.S. government has been the coddling of Indigenous people. It is the single most effective way to destroy a man: provide for him everything he needs without conditions.

The solution isn’t more money. If it was, it would have shown some sign of working so far.

There is no excuse for past injustices, but the remedy is not perpetuation of victimhood. It is not blaming “racism.” And it is not begging for more of other people’s money. 

The solution is to take ownership of the problem and address it at its source. 

A sovereign nation should not rely on anyone but itself. Regardless of the genetics of the perpetrators, Natives have become a tribe of victims. You cannot blame high rates of violence on communities that do not suffer those same rates of violence.

Get your own house in order. That is the point of sovereignty. 

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