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Guest Opinion: Baldwin Bears Full Responsibility For Firearm Negligence

1. Alec Baldwin was pointing the pistol in the direction of other people, had pulled the hammer back before he pulling the trigger. Why was he doing these dangerous and irresponsible things around people?

2. What happened to the axiom; one always treats a gun as a loaded gun?

3. Someone brought and placed live rounds in the weapon, who?

4. There is no such thing as a prop gun if it is a fully functioning weapon. That was a real pistol that was being used and should have been treated as such. Calling a real pistol used on a movie set a prop gun is minimizing what really happened.

5. It is the person’s responsibility with the gun to check to see if the gun is loaded or unloaded each time it is handled.

6. Guns normally do not misfire. If the gun had misfired earlier in the week only makes the situation worse, as this is additional evidence that Baldwin should not have accepted the weapon or had it in his possession. This common sense precaution does not have to be explained to an adult acting responsibly, especially Alec Baldwin. Baldwin has handled hundreds of guns in his career and should know the safety protocols. Apparently he never learned the first few safety measures.

Alec Baldwin was negligent in pointing the gun in the direction of others and firing the weapon. Even if blanks were to be used in the pistol, what Baldwin did was negligent, as firing blanks can hurt others. 

The revolver looks like a single shot weapon, therefore the hammer would have to have been pulled back before firing. When one is pointing this type of pistol with a cartridge cylinder in the center of the pistol the backs of the cartridges (bullets) in the cylinder are seen when aiming and before firing.

Alec Baldwin acted recklessly and negligently and should be charged for negligent homicide.

The movie set executives are trying to blame others, but the person with the gun is the person responsible. If this was an unsafe gun, which has yet to be proven then the producer should have removed it from the set. This makes the producer an accessory to this incident. He should be charged. The final responsibility for the shooting incident is the person that handled and fired the weapon, Alec Baldwin.

Movie sets using real weapons that can hurt and kill people should have to apply for a special permit to ensure that specific safety precautions are observed at all times, especially when it comes to a chain-of-custody for each weapon. I would wager that a majority of movie sets that use real weapons are basically unsupervised and un-regulated.

This negligent homicide event is being turned into a media sideshow. Law enforcement should have labeled this a crime scene the moment they arrived and immediately issued a search warrant and they didn’t, why? Was it because Alec Baldwin was the person at the center of the event?

Don Petty, Mesquite, TX

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