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If You Support Vaxxing Children For COVID, Go Fuck Yourself

Vaccinating children against a virus that is of no risk to them is evil. Period.

On Tuesday, and despite only two months of safety data, the FDA advisory panel recommended the emergency use authorization of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine for 5 to 11 year olds.

The FDA has so far failed to demonstrate what, exactly, the “emergency” is for the emergency use in kids of this age group.

In New Mexico, a total of five deaths in children aged 0-18 have been attributed to COVID in the nearly two years since the pandemic started. Fewer than 700 children aged 0-18 have died from COVID in the United States.

So, we should ask again, what is the “emergency”?

The emergency is that old, unhealthy adults are so afraid of a virus that they want children vaccinated just to make themselves feel better.

I’m not sorry if this offends you. Truth hurts.

Vaccines for COVID-19 have not been tested for long-term effects, despite the overuse of that phrase by the vax cheerleaders.

We DO NOT know if the vaccines are safe for ANYONE over the course of many years, when repeated dosing and mixing will be the norm. This is particularly true of young children with still-developing bodies.

A person over the age of 60 has ZERO skin in the game for the long-term effects of this vaccine. If and when any negative or life-shortening effects manifest, they will be near the average life expectancy anyway.

An obese person has ZERO skin in the game for the long-term effects of a vaccine, when the disease itself presents a more immediate danger to them due to their own lifestyle choices.

A young child, given a novel vaccine, has ALL of their skin in the game, because they could suffer devastating health problems for the entirety of their lives, and be deprived of decades of life.

Vaccinating children for the benefit of adults is an inversion of mortal priorities.

Children are not meant to protect adults. Adults should be protecting children, and any society sacrificing their young for the benefit of the unhealthy and old is doomed to disaster.

To all the old, fat, and neurotic among us, who think kids should be vaxxed so that you can feel “safe”, go fuck yourselves.

Take your vaccine and stay home if you’re scared.

Leave the kids alone.

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