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ABQ Gun Buybacks: The Government Thinks You Are Stupid

The Albuquerque Police Department is hosting another gun buyback on October 30th. All you must do to get a shiny new gift card, is turn in a gun for destruction.

All you criminals out there, line up and turn in your guns so you can get a fancy card to Amazon. Or maybe with Bidenomics in full swing, you would prefer the gas card?  The same people that would turn in a gun to the government are more than likely Biden voters.

What Is A Gun Buyback?

Gun buybacks have been a reoccurring event in America since 1974 in Baltimore when the city collected 13,500 guns. The rationale is that if you remove guns in general, fewer will get into the wrong hands. The cost to Baltimore taxpayers was $660,000 in 1974, or $3,672,304.26 in today’s economy.

Do Gun Buybacks Work?

Since that time, gun buybacks have had zero effect. Baltimore is still one of the most violent cities in America, with 284 homicides this year. During a 2018 buyback in Baltimore, the city was offering $25 for every high-capacity magazine that was turned in. With magazines going for $10 each, you have to assume at least a few residents turned a 150% profit on a magazine or two.

The National Bureau of Economic Research released a paper titled “HAVE U.S. GUN BUYBACK PROGRAMS MISFIRED?” in May 2021. The researchers examined 339 GBPs across 277 cities, using the National Incident Based Reporting System to look for drops in crime and the National Vital Statistics System to look for drops in suicides.

They did not find a drop in either violent crime or suicides that involved firearms.

Do Buybacks Yield Any Stolen Guns?

Good question.

The number of guns used in crimes that were turned in during the last gun buyback event was a whopping zero.

Gun Buy Back — City of Albuquerque

APD collected 164 guns in May 2021, two of which were stolen. None were used in crimes. The reasons for that is pretty simple: Criminals do not turn in their guns.

It does not matter if the government does a buyback or enacts further gun control legislation. Criminals need their guns to commit crime. The fact that they are criminals means they don’t follow laws.

So Why Host A Buyback Event?

If they don’t reduce crime and they don’t help police collect guns that were used in the commission of a crime, why is the Albuquerque Police Department hosting this useless event?                       

The answer, as usual, is politics. Gun buybacks are a political tool used to trick citizens into believing their elected officials are doing something to tackle violent crime. Albuquerque already set a new homicide record in August, with four months left in the year. Mayor Tim Keller has been such a failure on violent crime in his first term that a gun buyback literally days before Election Day is just good politics.

The firearms that are brought in come from elderly people that don’t want guns in the home and liberals that fear them.

If you find yourself with a strange desire to turn in a gun, or just want to laugh at liberals, the info on where to go is below. Perhaps a pawn shop or something would be a better choice though.

“The Albuquerque Police Department is hosting a gun buyback on October 30th. Any resident may turn in firearms and will receive $100 for revolvers and long guns, $150 for semi-automatic handguns, and $200 for semi-automatic rifles. The event will take place at the Albuquerque Police Crime Lab on 2nd Street.”

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  1. It should be noted that the very word “buyback” is a lie perpetrated by the victim disarmers and their stooges in law enforcement — the people turning in firearms most likely didn’t get them from the entity running the “buyback” event, so how is that entity buying anything “back” ?

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