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Masking Policy To Be Extended As COVID Cases Double October 2020

New Mexico has come a long way since May 2020, when Michelle Lujan Grisham first “mandated” that residents wear masks indoors.

We were averaging 150 COVID cases a day then.

There were no vaccines.

Trump was still president.

Gas was $1.90 a gallon.

Eighteen months later so much has changed, and yet the policies and rhetoric leading the Coronavirus narrative are the same.

Grisham will be re-issuing the mask mandate this week despite 71.4% of adults in New Mexico being fully vaccinated. 80.9% have at least one dose. The state average for new cases this month (750 ) is nearly double October 2020 (390). The daily death count (8) is 160% higher than a year ago (3).

If 2021 is to follow the same trend as 2020, the statistics are likely to get worse, which means lockdown policies are likely to tighten. 

Winter is coming.

In Vermont, where 88% of the state is vaccinated, the department of health just announced that 25 of its 33 COVID deaths in September were vaccinated. That’s 76%.

The mainstream narrative has remained consistent — that higher-vaccinated states experience fewer cases, hospitalizations, and deaths than lower-vaccinated states — but the parallel trajectories of vaccination rates and COVID statistics not only perpetuates the lingering doubt that anyone in public health actually has any idea how this virus operates.

If all of these measures work, why don’t they?

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  1. aside from the vax being the cause of case increases, the fact that the gen public doesn’t even wonder if the reinstatement of masks might have something to with the rise in cases remains to be a complete and utter mystery to me.

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