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Firearms and Freedom: The Glock 19X

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Most of you have probably fired a Glock in one of its many forms. The company is well known for its use in law enforcement and civilian use. The reliability is hard to beat at the price point and the variety means almost anyone can find the Glock that fits their hand.

The Glock 19X is one of the newest introductions from the company.

The 19X is a hybrid, comprised of two of the most popular Glock models. The Glock 17 and the Glock 19 were combined to create the 19X model. The 19X keeps the full-size grip of the Glock 17 and the slide of the Glock 19.

Why would Glock decide it needed to mix up two models and call it a new gun?

The project began as a submission to the United States Army’s Modular Handgun System (MHS) Competition. The Army was looking to replace its aging arsenal of Beretta 9mm handguns (personal experience dictates that this should have happened long ago). Glock lost the competition to competitor Sig Sauer. Many people think this happened because Sig Sauer was able to bring a better ammunition bid to the table, thanks to its partnership with Winchester.

The Glock 19X is feature loaded, losing almost nothing when the company made the gun available to the civilian market. The thumb safety is the most obvious thing missing from the original, a feature that most Glock users will not miss.

In keeping the Glock 17 grip, the gun fits well in large hands, but is not so big that average hands would have trouble firing the weapon. The larger grip surface was most likely intended to appeal to military users wearing gloves. The grip also lost the grooves in the front which many users have had trouble adapting to in previous models.

This model also comes with Glock’s marksmanship barrel. It uses a hexagonal rifling meant to increase accuracy. Having never had a problem with Glock accuracy, I haven’t been able to determine whether this barrel really does increase overall accuracy.

Here are the specs for the 19X, which can be found on the Glock website.

  • Caliber – 9x19mm
  • System – Safe Action
  • Magazine Capacity 17 or 17+2
  • Barrel Length – 4.02 inches / 102mm
  • Weight Without Magazine – 625g / 22.05oz
  • Weight with Magazine – 704g / 24.83oz
  • Weight with Loaded Magazine – 890g / 31.39oz
  • Trigger Pull – 26N

The Glock 19X is not a small handgun by any means. Its use was intended for tactical operations, after all. Larger users can conceal carry the 19X (writer included). This platform gives me the ability to bring a full-size handgun wherever I go.

Being from the Albuquerque area, this gives me the warm and fuzzies I want when my family and I are out and about.

The 19X holds 19 rounds of 9mm ammunition and comes with spare 17 and 17+2 magazines. It might seem like overkill but having all three magazines ready to go is not a bad way to travel around the Duke City. In the last week, the city saw multiple murders and police involved shootings.

After measuring my 19X and verifying with the Glock website, here are the guns dimensions.

  • Length (from tip of the barrel to bottom of grip) – 189mm / 7.44 inches
  • Slide Length – 174mm / 6.85 inches
  • Overall Width – 33mm / 1.30 inches
  • Height with Magazine – 139mm / 5.47 inches

Glock released the 19X after the civilian market demanded they do so. They sold 100,000 units in the first month after release. While you will find no shortage of haters in online forums or in the comments section, rest assured this is a fine firearm and will do well in your collection or even as a first gun. The Glock 19X with three magazines and a variety of backstraps can be found online for under $600.

Check us out next time when we review the Daniel Defense M4A1.

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