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Good Guy With A Gun: Duke City Store Employee Shoots Would-Be Robber

The police department is once again busy investigating another homicide in Albuquerque. This time though, we may see that the good guy gets the win.

Chalk one up a win for the good guys.

The Albuquerque Police Department is investigating yet another homicide, this one near Tobacco Town in Northwest Albuquerque.

But unlike most homicides in the Duke City, where both the shooter and victim are involved in drugs or crime, the Tobacco Town shooting appears to involve a store employee defending against a robber.

Limited details are available, but KOB4 reports that a male subject entered the store and tried to rob it. The employee said he shot the subject as he ran from the store.

APD responded and found a man lying in the sidewalk. He appeared to have died of a gunshot wound.

The names of the individuals involved have not been released. Currently, there are no known charges filed against the store employee.

While protecting yourself is your right, always be cognizant that we live in a heavily liberal state.  If the state has any excuse to press charges against someone in a self-defense situation, they are likely to do so. For anyone carrying a weapon for self-defense, become familiar with the laws of New Mexico and explore similar cases. Having concealed carry insurance such as USCCA is also a great idea.

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  1. It would be likely that the progressives in NM will try to terrorize this employee. All lawyers should step up and defend this person for free. It should not cost you to prove you are innocent. If more robbers ended up this way it would send a message to them to stop. Good shot Guy.

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