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Vaccine Passport Advocates Can’t Undo The Constitution, And They’re Pissed

“Moving the goalposts” literally means changing the criteria to suit your ends. It is another way of saying “changing the argument,” and it’s all Liberals can do to justify their pro-vaccine stance as each week delivers another blow to the credibility of their position.

The brilliant minds on Twitter argued for vaccine passports at the New Mexico State fair this year, stating, “Every child had a vaccine passport growing up. Nothing new. Tired of shut downs, comply with science and stop spreading.” That is the argument.

The counter argument is that “Vaccines tested for decades aren’t the same. C19 vaxes aren’t even FDA approved.”

The conversation remained civil, which is rare for social media and particularly encouraging when you’re debating people who call themselves “Wet Daddy Diamond” and “Desert Queen Lovin 420,” but watch how it veered: 

Anti-Vax Passport: “Medical records are not the same as vaccine passports. Don’t act like we have always had to carry around our medical records to be allowed access to the fair.”

Pro-Vax Passport: “The vaccine passport isn’t your medical records, just confirmation of one shot.”

Anti-Vax Passport: “Ok, don’t act like we have always had to carry around our confirmation of a shot to be allowed access to the fair.”

Pro-Vax Passport: “True, but we weren’t inundated with covid like this before either.”

Remember, the argument was that vaccine passports aren’t new, kids have had to prove vaccination status for decades, which is true if you’re talking about Polio, Chickenpox, and MMR vaccines, which have been FDA approved for decades. 

That is not the case with COVID. 

To then argue that vaccine passports are acceptable because this virus is different is to dispense with the original argument, to shift the goal posts, and to admit that requiring passports for an unapproved vaccine is not the same as school-required shots.

But it gets better. The Pro-Vax Passport crowd moves the goal posts again, arguing that passports are “justified now because people have proven to be untrustworthy in stating their vaccine status. Be mad at the liars.”

The fact remains that proving COVID vaccine status is not the same as getting shots to go to school. The venue is different, for one, but the argument itself has shifted to “it’s the same” to “it’s not the same but it’s justified anyway.”

Desert Queen Loves 420 is either dishonest or high.

For one, the state isn’t requiring vaccine passports to enter the fair because “people have proven to be untrustworthy in stating their vaccine status.” Not one public official used this as a justification for requiring vaccine passports to enter the fair. Secondly, it assumes the unvaccinated are the cause of the recent spike in cases, which we can now agree also isn’t true.

That the federal government is recommending “booster” shots proves it. The reason booster shots are necessary is three-fold. One, the first-vaccinated aren’t immune anymore, because the vaccines wear off. Two, despite early claims, vaccines actually didn’t prevent transmission (studies now show the vaccinated carry the same viral load as the unvaccinated). And three, vaccines actually spur mutation in the virus, creating strains that are increasingly resistant to vaccination.

People with a shred of intellectual capacity knew this early on. If vaccines work, then it is statistically impossible to have MORE cases in August 2021 with 66% of the state is fully vaccinated than there were in January 2021, when virtually 0% of the state was vaccinated.

While the powers that be blamed the unvaccinated for the recent spike, their latest calls for the vaccinated to get booster shots proves the lie.

Furthermore, there is a reason our Founding Fathers created a multi-branch process to creating laws. They had tyranny in mind. To prevent individual leaders from implementing policies that were unfair, unjust, and unconstitutional, they required the consent of the masses. They accomplished this through the House of Representatives and the Senate, whose members are elected by the people and must agree with a minimum 50% majority to pass a bill. Only then does it go to the president to sign the bill into law.

Every state government in the country operates under the same rules. Elected state house and senate members must agree, and the governor must sign off. 

It speaks volumes that there is no law on the books requiring vaccine passports, either at the state or federal level. If our leaders believed COVID would be solved by vaccination, why not put forth a bill? 

They haven’t, and until they do no state governor should have the ability to limit in-state commerce by executive decree.

Moving the goal posts doesn’t change that fact, no matter how much you believe it’s “justified” to do so.

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