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ABQ Strangler Strangles Again

via Metropolitan Detention Center

The revolving door of Albuquerque crime continues to whirl. A man with a history of battery and strangulation was arrested again Saturday for strangulation following a SWAT standoff in northeast Albuquerque, according to KRQE.

“Police say 20-year-old Kristopher Darling strangled his girlfriend twice and when officers arrived at the home on Maxine near Juan Tabo, they say he barricaded himself inside.

During an interview with the girlfriend, police say she was holding the two-year-old son she shares with Darling at the time she was strangled. The Albuquerque Police Department booked Darling into custody early Sunday morning. He is now at the Metropolitan Detention Center facing charges of child abuse and aggravated battery against a household member.”


While this may be Darling’s first interaction with SWAT, it’s not his first battery charge. According to court records, Darling was charged in November 2020 for assault and battery on a household member. In July 2020 he was charged with aggravated battery against a household member for “strangulation or suffocation.” The judge released Darling and denied pre-trial detention. The case was eventually dismissed without prejudice.


And in April 2021 he was charged with battery on a household member and “Intentionally Placing Child in Situation Where Life of Child is Endangered,” according to Bernalillo County Court. A warrant was issued for failure to appear at a May 2021 court hearing.

Darling’s latest charges aren’t reflected in the Bernalillo County court case system, but if his existing criminal history is any indication, he’ll be out on bail shortly.

This is a developing story. The Conservative New Mexican will provide updates as they are available.

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  1. When you publish a story that defames Albuquerque persons, not publishing, or even attempting to obtain the whole story, you are not an honest news source. Just a gossip rag. The charges that you shout here have been dropped. I am Kristopher’s aunt and live next door, Kris and his girlfriend used to fight all of the time, they did constantly take out frustration on one another and they are both to blame for what happened. I do have to say that they are finally growing up and learning how to deal with their anger, and they are becoming very good parents. This particular post has completely destroyed Kristopher’s ability to get a real job, no one will hire him because your post is at the top of any online search of his name. This young man is doing all that he can to change, but your post is still up after a full year. It appears that it is your intent to ruin this young man and remove all opportunities from his grasp. I have given you a full year to investigate and relay the whole story, you will hear from my attorney.

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