Lamenting Leftism

Tim Pool: Illegal Aliens Have More Pioneer Spirit Than Urban Liberals

In a rant on his Timcast IRL “Biden Admin To Roll Out Vaccine Passport, GOP Says NO WAY w/Cassandra Fairbanks” Tim Pool delivered an epic rant about the loss of Rugged Individualism that Made America Great.

“My (proper respect) to all the immigrants who are climbing mountains and riding trains and wandering through 90 miles of desert to get here, because those people have more pioneer blood in them than most of these urban progressives and suburban uppity-do liberals who are like, ‘I’d rather just be safe.’ These people are like, ‘I’m going to cross a mountain and rip my feet to shreds and be abused and victimized by cartels, but I’m coming to America for that American Dream. I respect that a heck of a lot more than people who are like, ‘I just want to be safe.’ ”

Whatever you think about illegal immigration in general and the Biden Administration’s Border Crisis in particular, Pool’s right. 

While we’re giving up freedoms for fear of catching a cold, people are walking across the world to come here. I wonder if there will be anything left of America when they all arrive.

(Catch Pool on Youtube while he’s still allowed there.)