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Control > Chaos

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DISCLAIMER: I think it is important that I bookend this article with my own thoughts, beliefs, and even bias. I write this as an individual who believes in law and order and is a practicing and believing Christian. Nothing in this article is an overture to try and persuade people to my religious beliefs but rather will show that those with a theological mindset and those with an agnostic mindset both realize the universe is supposed to be an orderly series of events, we just come to how the events exist to begin with from different thought processes.

Why am I a Christian?

The answer is that I do not have enough faith to be an atheist. I think it takes a massive amount of faith to believe that all the structures of the universe that exist and we take for granted every single moment of the day were manufactured by happenstance.

None of us think about how the Earth sits at a 23.5° tilt on its axis, or how if it did not our climate would be wildly different, our seasons would not exist as we know them, and there would be large portions of the planet that would be entirely uninhabitable due to prevailing frigid conditions.

We owe every moment of our climatized lives to 23.5°.

It does not actually matter if that 23.5° was orchestrated by divinity or chance. The over arching theme of Order is seen time and time again throughout all schemes of existence. One could articulate this to being in control as opposed to being out of control. Unfortunately, nihilism has tainted people’s perception of control and skewed things as moralistically relative or that the idea of control as illusory.

There are altruistic arguments to be made that an individual only has a certain extent of control of the nuance circumstances of their daily lives; however, we must consider that control or order should be thought of in a broader and more collective spectrum.

As of the writing of this article there have been 119 individuals booked into the Metropolitan Detention Center this week alone.

These are 119 lives that will be irreparably altered in various ways with varying degrees of criminal records, and this does not even account for the lives of these individuals’ family, who will be impacted by decisions made, and certainly does not begin to account for the victims of any of these 119 who committed crimes of violence and how the victims will be impacted.

As reported by KOB, there were three individuals who were deceased in a vehicle at Kaseman Hospital, and earlier in the day there was another homicide in the North West part of the city. At the current trajectory, the city is on par for a record-breaking 120 homicides in 2021, and that assumes things stay as they are and there are not additional negative catalysts.

One such catalyst could be the more than 100,000 New Mexicans potentially facing eviction as various COVID moratoriums on rent come to an end, as reported by KRQE. It would be fair to say that we are witnessing the precipitate of crimes to come as none of these things occur in a vacuum.

Unfortunately, it seems that we have capitulated to chaos under the banner of our favorite flavor of politician.

As discussed above the universe exists in its entirety in various structures of order. We as humans have made the conscious decision to ignore our senses of right versus wrong to further the political agendas of people who are ultimately strangers.

While certainly no one applauds the increased murder rate, out-of-control substance abuse, or the growing rate of homelessness, we as a community unconsciously allow these issues to thrive through our political decisions. As a community we capitulate to chaos because we have been indoctrinated to dislike a certain political party far more than the issues that plague our communities.

Until we as a community realize that all of creation was designed to surrender to structures of order, we will continue to have the same circular conversations about how out of control things are, rather than being able to live in the peace that being in control brings.

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